From Scattergun to Strategic in just 6 hours

What would you say if I told you this time tomorrow you will know exactly what you need to do to increase your sales?


If you had a clear strategy for your business and a 1-page marketing plan that you were confident will increase sales, what impact would that make?


Is that worth the investment of just one day of your time?



In this one-day online workshop you will...

  • Learn how marketing actually works

  • Create a basic strategy for your business so you can make confident marketing decisions

  • Create a one-page marketing plan specific to your business, with the activities you need to implement in priority order

Myth-busting time...

I disagree with a lot of marketers who say that it takes weeks (sometimes months) to create a marketing strategy. 


For many of the small businesses I’ve worked with, we’ve been able to set a strategy in just a couple of hours. The reason I do this much quicker than many other marketing consultants is because I work differently


My methods are inspired by engineering philosophies such as Lean and Agile, which focus on minimising waste and improving performance.



A marketing strategy needs to include 3 things:

  • Who (specifically) you're selling to and what's important to them

  • What you're selling to them and why they'd want to buy (in particular, the problem you solve and the real value they get from your product or service).

  • How they are going to buy from you i.e. what's the path from never having heard of you to being a loyal, raving fan. (Some people call this a "funnel" - I call it a "buyer journey")

I created my Kickstart Your Marketing online workshop as a tool for business owners to create a simple, minimum viable strategy and one-page marketing plan in less than 1 day.

What's covered?

In this self-guided online workshop we will cover:

  1. Customer profile: Who are you aiming your marketing at?

  2. Value proposition: What value are you delivering to your customers?

  3. Strategic objectives: What does your marketing need to achieve?

  4. Buyer journey: How do people go from never having heard of you before, to being a loyal customer? And how do they need to be supported on that journey?

  5. Prioritise and plan: What is your biggest marketing priority and what order should you execute your activities?


What's included?

  • Over 1.5 hours of high-value training videos 
  • Workbooks available to download and print or complete online 
  • My 1-page marketing plan template, available to download whenever you refresh your marketing plan
  • Mapping your buyer journey template
  • Access to the 'Marketing Works' Facebook group where you'll find my bonus training video 'How to end scattergun-marketing forever'

And, as a bonus...

When you sign up today you will also get LIFETIME ACCESS to this course so you can refresh and redo your strategy regularly.

Why do I need to refresh and redo my strategy?

Because your business is not going to stay the same forever!


In a few months' time, when you've implemented a load of great marketing as a result of doing this workshop, you'll have a completely different buyer journey and your priorities will have changed. You'll need to create a new plan if you want to keep scaling.


Businesses that rest on their laurels inevitably fail. This is because markets inevitably change and evolve and your marketing strategy has to evolve with it.


I go through this EXACT process for my business (and with all my clients) every single quarter. Every 90-days, I set aside time to redo this process. Why? Because if I don't then my business will stop growing, and then it'll stagnate and die.


It's helped us to understand in a much clearer way exactly who our audience is, what they're thinking, what they're buying process is, and how they work. I'd really recommend it because it's valuable for any business to do. 


Ros is incredible. She's easy to understand and very practical in her approach. It's an absolute breeze to follow through.

Emily Jones

Hullo Creative

‘At the end of the of the day, I had a clear idea of what problems I can solve for potential clients, exactly who my ideal customer is and how to think about overcoming any objections they may have to using my services.


The workshop provided a clear, concise and inspiring introduction to moving my marketing forward.



Martin Kerslake

Kerslake Design

Sarah Cunliffe

True Freedom

The workshop was fantastic - down to earth and full of really practical, useful ideas that are easy to apply. I definitely recommend Ros.

Sue Parry

Gardens Designed by Sue

The Kickstart Your Marketing workshop was incredibly useful. The systematic process, coupled with the workbooks, provoked thoughts and lines of enquiry that have had a positive impact on my business during the critical and early stages of my business formation. This is a must-do for any business.

Amy Kington

Community of Purpose

The workshop was easy to digest with the process broken down into multiple sections.


By the end of the workshop, I had a clearer understanding of my target audience, who my competitors are and what they offer compared to me, ways to market to my target audience and how I can help solve their problems.


I would highly recommend this workshop, especially if you need guidance and support when starting your marketing journey

Donna Grimmer

Violet Test Consulting

Frequently asked questions

What does the workshop include?

How long do I have access to the workshop materials?

How long does it take to complete the workshop?

What is the best way of using it?

What if I change my mind or if I'm not fully satisfied with the workshop?

You risk nothing!


Every day I see the difference it makes when a business has a clear strategy and plan of action. I know you'll find this workshop valuable - it might even be the most useful exercise you do for your business this year. If you don't get value for money, just send me an email explaining why and I'll refund you in full.

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