The Marketing Machine Programme

A powerful process to scale your sales.

From marketing confusion to clarity and business growth in 1 hour a week

The Marketing Machine Programme is a 12-week small business marketing course that will fuel your growth strategy now and into the future. By the end of the programme you will have all the tools and skills you need to scale your business and accelerate your sales growth. 

What's the format?


Our small group of ambitious business owners will meet once a week for 12 weeks. I will take you through a structured process to help you design and activate a robust marketing strategy for your business. 

We will cover:

  1. Meet your buyer – how and why do buyers want to engage with you?
  2. Clarify your value – how do you stack up in the eyes of your customer?
  3. Map your buyer’s journey – which marketing activities will make the biggest difference along the way?
  4. Speak your buyer’s language – how do you create focused messages that appeal to the people who matter?
  5. Measure and test – how do you know what’s working?
  6. Supercharge your marketing machine – how can you build momentum and scale up through continuous fine-tuning?

At the end of the course you will create a 90-day marketing plan based on your strategy, that you can start implementing straight away. And you'll have made significant improvements to your marketing all the way through the course as well.

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You will take away:

  • An achievable, customised marketing plan, including tactics, timings and priorities, that is ready to implement immediately
  • An understanding of why your customers buy from you and targeted messages that resonate with them
  • Trusted techniques that will propel your growth strategy throughout the life of your small business​ (or organisation)


This powerful process will ensure your business success for the rest of your entrepreneurial career.


What do others say?

"It's not a fill in the blanks template - it makes you think, question and test. It is both straightforward and subtle, and is one of the most valuable courses I have been on."

Philip Avery, The Business Mechanic

"Marketing now does not seem so scary! You have helped give me the confidence to tackle my marketing head on, now with a better understanding of it."

Emma Jones, Blue Orchid VA Services

"I wanted to do this course because I was overwhelmed by the whole marketing piece. I enjoyed the slow pace and bite-sized chunks. I struggled initially but Ros explained all sections well.

​"The course has really changed my outlook on my marketing, specifically my ideal customer! I would thoroughly recommend it."

Stuart Oliver, SO Residential

"I enjoyed the practical workshop application. It really suits my processing method, so I genuinely enjoyed attending, and learning Ros’s way of doing marketing strategy.
I loved doing the work in the session and not relying on me doing it out of the session.
If you want a more structured, logical, process-driven approach to marketing, definitely do this course!"

Vicki Lamch, Pyramis Solutions ​

"Ros really ‘gets’ marketing and her effervescent energy helps you get out of your business so that you can look at it objectively and make a proper assessment and sensible decisions. I recommend her highly!"

Tamsen Garrie, Mental Health in the Workplace

"Ros's approach to marketing, given her engineering background, really debunks some myths around marketing being 'fluffy'"

Eunice Learmont, The Willwriting Yogi

Got questions?

What is involved?

How practical are the sessions?

Will there be lots of time-consuming homework?

Is the marketing course for product or service businesses? B2B or B2C? Third sector?

Can I spread the cost?

What if I change my mind?

What happens if I don't get results from the course?​

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